Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Over the Appenini

After recovering from the New Year celebrations, went on a day trip to Modena, famous for it's Balsamic vinegar and  Ferrari cars. I continued back to Bologna and as it had snowed in the mountain passes, took the train across the mountains to a cold and rainy Firenze

After a few days spent in different neighbourhoods and re-visiting the sights of this beautiful city, I went to visit the Chianti area, famous for its wines, olives and bucolic landscapes.

I returned to a sunnier, dryer Florence and as the river level and strenght of current had declined decided to inquire about paddling on the Arno river. After several inquiries with the police and the local rowing club, I walked with my Helios1 for 6 blocks from my host's apartment to the jetty and launched to enjoy the wonders of bridges and other sites of riverine Firenze

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