Friday, November 20, 2009

Preparing for my departure

I had been thinking for a long time of combining my long term cycle touring activities with my newer interest in canoeing. My first inflatable kayak gave me a glimpse of what might be possible but the large volume, weight,  dimensions meant I would have to carry it in a trailer, something that would result in substantial alteration to my usual arrangement (racks and panniers) towards a trailer system.

One day, I came across an Innova Helios 1 and was impressed by the design, quality, folded size and weight. I purchased one and took it on several outings on SF bay and felt comfortable on the water and liked the ease of inflating/deflating.

I prepared my bicycle so I could carry panniers front and back as well as a large duffel containing the kayak on top of he rear rack. As the latter was the place I normally carried my camping equipment, I had to use one of my rear panniers for it.

My luggage for the flight was one bicycle box, one for the panniers, paddles, PFD and finally the Innova backpack containing the Helios 1 and the footpump as my hand luggage. I had no problem getting it onboard as well as storing it in the overhead compratment

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